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RWB Porsche falls from crane and crashes to the ground onto its side

RWB Porsche falls off trailer-slide0
MarkArcenal of Fatlace @Markfatlace via Instagram

Mark Arcenal, founder of Fatlace , posted an unfortunate photo on Instagram earlier today ( July 27,2014) showing a Porsche 911 fabricated by tuning the house RWB, overturned on its side. Supposedly, a crane operator was hoisting the Porsche race car off the trailer transporter, and unfortunately the crane operator lost control of the Porsche as it crashed to the ground on its side.

After a cable snapped, the Porsche came crashing down.
Nakamoto Shusaku

Twin Ring Motegi, a racing circuit in Japan and owned by the Honda Motors Corporation, was the course of choice for various owners of RWB Porsche's to come and gather to enjoy their race cars in a facility where they are meant to be driven hard in safe conditions. As details of the story come in, it seems like this weekend was carved out for endurance racers for the annual Idlers 12 Hour endurance race where RWB owners traditionally field a team of racers.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and race cars certainly aren't prone to pit side maladies. According to Mark Arcenal, he was pulling into the pits in order to switch RWB cars with another driver and as he glanced to the pit wall on the side, one moment the RWB Porsche was in the air, and the next instant it was on it's side.

So as I'm pulling into the pits to switch drivers I see the Silver 993 on the crane one second and then on its side the next. Yeah dude.. you dropped and totalled it. Smh....

The severity of the crash has yet to be determined, but from the looks of it, only cosmetic damage to the whole side of the car is the sum of it. The natural laws of physics can be cruel to objects falling from heights, but these Porsche's hopefully are simple enough (with rear mounted engines) that repairs can be in good order.

If you're wondering what an RWB Porsche is and why it has young men all over the internet abuzz, you're not alone. As a Porsche Tuner in Japan, Rauh-Welt Begriff, is all about the bodywork that makes these cars stand out completely.

With riveted on side panels and wide body kits, RWB takes ordinary Porsche's and turns them into functional race cars that goes away from mainstream Porsche tuning and fabrication, much to the chagrin of Porsche purists.

Hopefully damage sustained to this RWB Porsche wasn't to bad and the crane operator can keep his job.

Source: Mark Arcenal

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