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Rwandan survivor talks of transformation at Lake Street Church of Evanston


Photo: Stock Exchange/Rwanda's Beauty

Please come to hear Hashmat, a young Rwandan woman who survived the genocide with her family by fleeing in the middle of the night to Milnes de Colines (a.k.a. Hotel Rwanda). 

Hashmat will share her story of transformation, out of the dark night of her soul - then, through forgiveness - to a life of recovery and pride in her country.  In Hashmat's own words ... "it is like a rising Phoenix from its ashes"

Where: Lake Street Church of Evanston | 607 Lake Street, Evanston, IL, the Parlor

When: Sunday, August 8th

Time:  Noon

For more info: Lake Street Church of Evanston, 607 Lake Street, 847-864-2181


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