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One of the most challenging aspects of being an RVer is meeting and keeping new friends that we meet along the way. How many times have you waved to another RV heading down the highway and speculated about where they were headed? Or pulled into yet another unsociable campground only to wonder who you neighbors were? is a new social network site exclusively for RVers

Well now, there is a simple solution:

This is a free social network site exclusively for RV owners and enthusiasts that allow users to connect with each other in the same RV Park, campground, or resort, as well as across a nationwide network. The fundamental principle of is to provide a very simple tool for RVers to connect with each other for free. But not just online, but also in the RV parks and campgrounds where they are currently staying or traveling to.

Using is so easy: simply visit the website, create a profile, upload a photo, and choose a group or three to join. has over 500 special interest groups from RV Pets and RV Crafts to Bus Conversions and Boondocking. Each group has a map that shows where each member is in the country. So there really is something for everyone!

Once your profile has been created, you can check into a campground, RV Park, or resort on and discover the things that you have in common with your neighbors. You can view the profiles of other campers in the same park and message them directly. You can also organize and attended social get-togethers too. No more chance encounters while walking your dog or bumping into each other at the laundry room. This is a great way to find another person to join your bowling team, or to organize a grocery run, or a dog sitter on short notice.

There are other wonderful features too, such as the interactive shared mapping tool. You can use the map to locate your friends anywhere in the country so that you can plan a future get-together with them.

Sure you can use Facebook and its RV related groups, but is much more personal and helps to create real-life friendships both online and offline. has collaborated with for their park directory, which means that nearly all of the twenty thousand RV Parks across America are already on RV Parks who have claimed their parks can send out a mass message to all of its guests that have checked in on This is great in case there is an inclement weather warning or a scheduled power outage.

You can also use the mapping feature to plot your next travel route. The map will show you campgrounds, RV Parks, Resorts, and RV-friendly businesses and services in the area that you are headed. was created for RVers by RVers, so it is truly focused on the issues that RVers face every day. But is not just for full timers; part-timers, weekend warriors, and those still dreaming of living a full time RVing lifestyle are all welcome.

If you need any help in using, you can send an email to

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