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RV travel tips that help the budget

RV camping is a great family activity
RV camping is a great family activity
M Jester

Enjoying your RV, either part time or full time, can depend upon your watching the budget for your adventures on the road. There are many things involved in planning a budget minded trip. Sometime it is easy to overlook some of the obvious budget enhancing techniques.

Less weight equals less expense: Look carefully at your load in your RV. Is there anything you can do to lighten the load? Consider items like cleaning fluids or other containers with liquids. If you are not going to use that whole 32 ounce bottle of kitchen cleaner on your trip, you need not carry that much extra weight. The same look should be given to any bulk supply be it coffee or cereal. If you are not going to use it, don’t take it.

Of course the biggest weight hogs in any RV are the water holding tanks. Unless you have absolutely no chance of getting water at your destination, never run with a full freshwater tank. Enough water to allow the occasional flush should be, well, enough for the trip travel time.

An often overlooked way to save some weight can be counter-intuitive. Paper plates seem to be a logical means of consuming those culinary delights you prepare in your galley. You will find that a reasonable supply of paper goods can be a fairly significant weight. Look for cheap reusable plastic plates. Sure they will need to be cleaned for multiple uses, but do provide a good weight reducing item.

Speaking of paper goods, how many rolls of toilet paper and paper towels do you really plan on using? It is nice to know you have enough on board, but you don’t need a three month supply like you have at home. Every little bit of weight reduction will pay off in the gas mileage department.

One area that needs a detailed inventory each season is the collection of tools, supplies, spare parts and other items normally stored in the RV’s basement. Check at the beginning of the spring when you de-winterize your rig. You might be surprised at the extra stuff you have on board that you really don’t need. I have found duplicate wrenches, spare parts, extension cords and other things that were not needed and added quite a bit of unnecessary weight to our rig.

Watch your weight is good advice for any RV as well as its occupants. Go ahead; Put your RV on a diet this year. You just might be surprised how much fuel savings you can realize.

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