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Rutina Wesley of 'True Blood visited 'Sesame Street' this past Thursday

This past Thursday, Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara Thorton on "True Blood", took a stroll down "Sesame Street" to teach children the word "plan".

Rutina Wesley of 'True Blood visited 'Sesame Stree' this past Thursday
Screen shot from Sesame Street PBS

She told Entertainment Weekly that “It was new for me. It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes you don’t know quite who to talk to. Do I talk to the puppet, or do I talk to the person?”

The clip here shows her on the show teaching the word "plan" and showing them what a plan is my sticking to the plan to show them what plan was. It was a cute clip with Elmo, Rutina, and Abby Cadabby.

At the beginning of the show Elmo said that his fangs were "still growing in". But, we wonder where the Count was. We know that they have been slowly changing characters on "Sesame Street" to be more "pc" like the Cookie monster is supposed to eat more veggies and the Count is not supposed to be so scary. But, seriously why did they not show the Count?

Rutina Wesley is currently getting ready to finish up the last season of "True Blood" this summer. Fans wonder what will be next for the actress.

On a personal note I met Rutina at ScareFest last year and she is super sweet and gorgeous! I am sure that they had a blast on "Sesame Street" with her.

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