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Ruth Haley Barton in Dallas area

Ruth Haley Barton
Ruth Haley Barton

Miester Eckhart says, “The reason we are not able to see God is the faintness of our desire.” If you have found your desire lacking and feel unable to do anything about it, perhaps it’s time to seek again.

One excellent place to search is at the feet of Ruth Haley Barton, spiritual director and founding president of The Transforming Center, who will be in the Dallas area on Thursday, February 11, 2010. She will be speaking at a day retreat for the Association for Women in Ministry Professions on Sacred Rhythms in the Life of a Leader

Ruth Haley Barton has authored 7 books, including Sacred Rhythms. Sacred Rhythms introduces its readers to the ancient spiritual disciplines in an accessible, modern way.

Ms. Barton asks each of her readers, “When was the last time you felt it—your own longing, that is? Your longing for love, your longing for God, your longing to live your life as it is meant to be lived in God? When was the last time you felt a longing for healing and fundamental change groaning within you?”

From here Ms. Barton presents seven spiritual disciplines to facilitate that mysterious longing; rhythms that transform us into the image of the One who made us while maintaining our own unique personality. Sacred Rhythms, and Ms. Barton’s other works, are available on Amazon and at your local Christian bookstore.


  • Marla Finley 5 years ago

    I love that book Sacred Rhythms. My perspective and value for Sabbath will ever be changed since reading it. Thanks for the head's up on the event.

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