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Rutgers quarterback Philip Nelson has been charged in a brutal assault case

Philip Nelson throws a pass
Philip Nelson throws a pass
Mark A. Cunningham/Getty Images

Rutgers quarterback Philip Nelson and the man he is alleged to have brutally kicked are in a fight for survival at this time. Nelson has been hit with a charge of assault for allegedly kicking another man in the head in the aftermath of an altercation in downtown Mankato reported ESPN on May 12, 2014. The man who was kicked in the head was severely injured.

Nelson has been charged with one count of first-degree assault and another count of third-degree assault. Authorities have said Nelson kicked 24-year-old Isaac Kolstad in the head early Sunday morning as the bars were closing. Kolstad was first punched and knocked to the ground by another man who remains at large at this time. Steph Stassen, a graduate student who said that she witnessed the assault, said Nelson kicked Kolstad in the head like it was a soccer ball.

Kolstad, who is a former linebacker at Minnesota State, Mankato, has been reported to be in critical condition. Doctors have said they are not sure he will be able to survive. Kolstad is fighting for his life reports CBS Sports. Nelson has been arrested on a potential assault charge. Kolstad was sent to the hospital in critical condition shortly after being kicked in the head by Nelson.

Blaine Kolstad, the injured man's father, said his son is presently in critical condition and is fighting for his life. He also said his son is young and strong, but the battle which he is now being confronted is enormous. He says his son is very sick and hopes fans, friends and family will pray for him. On Sunday night a candlelight vigil for Kolstad was held at Minnesota State University in Mankato.