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Rutgers professor blames UCSB killings on white privilege

Rutgers prof blames UCSB killing spree on white privilege
Rutgers prof blames UCSB killing spree on white privilege
Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

According to Brittney Cooper, a contributing writer at Salon who also teaches Women's and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University, white privilege and racism is the reason Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree, Truth Revolt reported Tuesday, citing an article she published at Salon.

"Welp. Another young white guy has decided that his disillusionment with his life should become somebody else’s problem," she wrote. “How many times must troubled young white men engage in these terroristic acts that make public space unsafe for everyone before we admit that white male privilege kills?”

“Black men are not rolling onto college campuses and into movie theaters on a regular basis to shoot large amounts of people. Usually, the young men who do that are white, male, heterosexual, and middle-class,” she added.

The Daily Caller, however, disagreed with Cooper's "analysis" and cited four instances where mass killings were conducted by perpetrators who were not white. One example was the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, where Nidal Hasan -- a Palestinian -- gunned down 13 people. Chuck Ross also noted that the largest university campus mass murder in U.S. history was the work of Seung-Hi Cho, an Asian who killed 32 at Virginia Tech University in 2007.

But that was apparently lost on Cooper, who blamed the shootings on a “sense of heterosexual white male entitlement to a world that grants all one’s wishes, and this destructive murderous anger that attends the ostensible denial of these wishes, is at the emotional core of white supremacy."

Naturally, she included racism as part of her screed, pointing a crooked finger of blame at those who disagree with Barack Obama.

"In this regard, the rage at the core of Rodger’s horrific acts is not unlike the kind of middle class, heterosexual, white male rage that drives much of social policy in this country," she wrote, taking a swipe at straight, white males. "In the era of Barack Obama, we have endured a mass temper tantrum from white men that includes a mind-boggling war on women, with an unprecedented rollback of the gains of the women’s rights movement, and an attempt to decimate whole communities of color, which are disproportionately poor, through school privatization, mass incarceration (which began long before the Obama era) and the gutting of the social safety net."

Cooper was quick to say she was not calling Obama critics mass murders, but went on to claim that Rodger's mental health issues and view of himself needs to be understood within a "context of racism, white supremacy and patriarchy."

"I’m also saying that white male privilege might be considered a mental health issue, because it allows these dudes to move through the world believing that their happiness, pleasure and well-being matters more than the death and suffering of others," she added.

She also excoriated the police, claiming their inaction was due to Rodger's skin color.

"Can I go ahead and scream yet? A black or brown man would have been violently hauled into a jail and locked up at the first sign of such machinations. His property rights would have been thoroughly violated, and no matter how 'polite' and 'courteous' he might have been with officers, no reports would have reflected such language," she wrote.

She concluded with a statement calling for some sort of unspecified action against "white privilege."

"As yet another community attempts to make sense of this tragedy, to put itself back together again after this needless, senseless path of destruction that Elliot Rodger has wrought, I’m reminded of something my dad says: 'These are funerals we didn’t have to have.' But as long as America refuses to deal with its white male privilege problem we will continue to have them," she said.

One Salon reader said that by Cooper's logic, "Barack Obama is a white guy." Another reader said that by using her reasoning, one could conclude that Barack Obama is a "failing White president."

Since the tragic killings, liberals have twisted themselves into pretzels trying to blame everything and everyone for the killings except Elliot Rodger, who left behind a very disturbing video describing what he called a "day of retribution." A number of people, for example, blamed the NRA and the existence of guns even though three of Rodger's victims were killed with a knife.

The Daily Caller also observed that Rodger "injured numerous others by ramming them with his car, a black BMW." So far, no one has issued calls for federal laws banning knives or BMWs.

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