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Rutgers faction protests Condoleezza Rice commencement speech

Condoleezza Rice at the 2012 Republican National Convention
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

A few unthinking kids prevented their peers from hearing a great American deliver what would likely have been a powerful commencement address.

According to, a small group of students at Rutgers University protested the university’s invitation to Condoleezza Rice to give the commencement speech. In response, Rice courteously “rescinded” the invite.

Waterboarding, OK’d in 2002 by Rice when she was National Security Advisor under George Bush, was a prime target of the Rutgers protesters. But by reviving that issue, the kids were not likely to hear supportive comments even from human rights advocates in the current administration, since way back in 2009, Dennis Blair, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, had advised his liberal boss that the interrogation technique yielded information vital to our national security.

Had these protesters proceeded conscientiously, they might have extended an invitation to Rice to stick around for a forum. There, they could have posed some intelligent and tough questions.

As suggests, these kids could have learned first-hand a lot about diplomacy from a great American. Now all they have for their effort is Rice’s excellent example of how to rescind an invitation to campus turmoil...diplomatically.

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