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Ruston Kelly of Elmwood lives the rock and roll dream


  • Christopher Lee 6 years ago

    I always love to hear about someone "living the dream", although it does make me a bit jealous. The fact that these guys are opening for bands that they were probably listening to-while drinking with their buddies in college-makes it even better. Ruston seems to be a very down to earth dude. My favorite line: "With all the success and the pace at which Elmwood has moved since their formation, for Ruston Kelly a career in the Equine services would be far better suited in less talented hands." I'll definitely have to check these guys out when they come to 20th Century in April.

  • Sherre Kelly 6 years ago

    Lance, what a great article, I didn't know you were such a talented journalist!
    Keep up the good work, and just so you know, it was great to see you again in
    Cinci last week! Take care!

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