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Russians clam up and snub Defense Secretary Hagel

The Russian government isn’t responding well to the public lashings and warnings that it has received incessantly from all fronts in the Obama administration. They’ve got the message and they know that it isn’t changing: sanctions are ready for escalation unless they stand down. The Russians are not standing down. Asked by a reporter if President Obama would save a drowning Putin, the President said that he would. However, Putin must surely bristle at hearing the free press pose such a question. America may have appeared to be soft by seeking a diplomatic solution to the Russians having invaded the Ukraine, but as most observers know in dealing with Obama, it is only a matter of time before the chess player makes an astounding move. Sanctions will hit Russians hard, and the damage done by Putin to his nation through his actions and that of his government may take decades to unravel.

Defense Secretary Hagel snubbed by Russians
Photo by Pool

Don’t believe that high risk and danger are absent from this scenario. Mistakes can be made that could trigger warfare that can draw in an allied response. Ships at sea are most vulnerable, especially those floating in the Baltic Sea.

Clamming up is akin to “loose lips sink ships” at this point. The Russians are about ready to make a move.

“Pentagon: Hagel's Russian counterpart won't return his calls

By Justin Fishel
Published April 26, 2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel cannot get his Russian counterpart to take his calls, the Pentagon said Friday -- amid a new report that the Kremlin has suspended high-level talks with U.S. officials.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters that Hagel is trying to speak with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, but the Russian Defense Ministry won't return his calls.
"We have made it clear to the Russians that Secretary Hagel is available for a phone call anytime," Warren said. "We have reached out to them and made it very clear to them that he is willing to speak with his counterpart" -- but, Warren said, "we have not heard back."”

"NATO Sending 5 Ships to Baltic Sea Due to Ukraine Crisis

April 17, 2014 12:45 PM

NATO members are sending part navy ships to the Baltic Sea to increase the security of the alliance's eastern European allies in response to the Ukraine crisis.

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