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Russian warship: Spy ship docks in Havana Harbor

Russian warship: Spy ship docks in Havana Harbor.
Russian warship: Spy ship docks in Havana Harbor.
CC: Wikimedia Commons

Russian warship docked in Havana Harbor on Thursday. The ship entered the harbor in Havana, Cuba unannounced. According to the Chicago Tribune on Feb. 27, it is the latest show of strength from the longtime foe of the United Sates.

The Viktor Leonov SSV-175, part of the Vishnya class of intelligence ships, quietly entered Cuban waters earlier this week and was docked at a cruise ship terminal on Thursday, its crew casually taking in the view of the old colonial section of the Cuban capital as passers-by gawked.

A Russian warship visiting the island nation is normally a source of fanfare with major announcements in the Cuban media. This time, the spy ship arrived with no notice publically whatsoever. And it just happened to show up a day after the Russian defense minister declared that the country would be expanding its military presence globally.

This Russian warship has electronic surveillance equipment and missile defense systems onboard according to the Russian government. This is part of an ongoing plan to bolster its military presence in allied nations including Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

According to the port in Havana the ship was only resupplying with food. The Russian embassy referred to the visit as a friendly one. This is a very interesting development that bears watching as relations between the two nations have faded since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

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