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Russian warship 200 miles off Miami in Cuba port: Mystery of fully-loaded ship

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A Russian warship is just a few hundred miles from Miami in a Cuban port and it is heavily armed with anti-aircraft missiles and guns. On Thursday the Russian warship quietly arrived in Cuba, creating a mystery of its apparent secret mission, according to The Inquisitr on March 1.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced on Thursday, the same day the warship arrived on Cuba’s shores that Russia plans to set up military bases on the island, which is a stones-throw-away from Key West, Florida.

The ship, Viktor Leonov, is being called a “spy ship” today. It is a vessel that was designed to gather intelligence, although it is fully loaded to resemble a warship as it sits in the Havana port.

Russian is looking to reopen a military installations in Cuba, where they haven’t had one since closing their Cuban base in 2002. While the White House hasn’t offered any comments on the warship docked in Cuba, John McCain dismissed it as it being something just for show from Putin. McCain considers this “just a little bit of saber rattling” on the part of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.