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Russian warship 200 miles from Miami: Is it a battleship?

A Russian warship was spotted 200 miles away from Florida (not actual ship).
A Russian warship was spotted 200 miles away from Florida (not actual ship).
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A Russian warship 200 miles from Miami is holding the nation's attention after it was seen docked in Havana Thursday. As Epoch Times reports March 2, the ship was spotted one day after Russia's defense minister announced they intend to have more global military presence.

The Russian warship docked was the Viktor Leonov CCB-175, which is described as a Vishnya-class ship. They are associated more with intelligence missions than battle missions. The vessel contains high-tech surveillance equipment, air missiles, and 30mm anti-aircraft guns. The Russian ship 200 miles from Miami was docked at Old Havan with both Russian and Cuban flags raised.

Cuban officials have not shared what the port of call was regarding the warship.

On Wednesday Russia was "seeking permission for naval vessels to use ports in Cuba and other countries in Latin America, Asia and elsewhere," according to the report.

At one point Cuba and the Soviet Union were allies during the Cold War. When the fall of the Iron Curtain happened, they moved forward and their close ties slowly diminished.

Seeing a Russian warship 200 miles from Miami definitely gets the attention of those in the U.S.... as well as residents in Havana. At least it does not appear there is much to be concerned about in regards to hostility. The reason for the being docked is a mystery, however.

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