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Russian SU-24 jet buzzed Navy guided missile destroyer in Black Sea

Russian SU-24 fighter jet
Russian SU-24 fighter jet
Wikipedia photo

Just hours ago, the USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) reported that a Russian warplane violated international protocols when it “engaged in provocative action” as it repeatedly buzzed the deck of the guided missile destroyer in the Black Sea.

The Russian SU-24 fighter, an all-weather, fighter-attack jet made several low-level passes that lasted for nearly an hour-and-a-half.

Ship-to-air radio attempts were made to contact the fighter pilot with warnings for the pilot to keep his distance. Officials on board the USS Cook received no return response and at no time did personnel onboard the vessel man their battle stations.

The Russian fighter jet appeared to be unarmed with any aerial weapons.

Per international rules of engagement, the incident ended with no involvement from the U.S. destroyer.

Based in Rota, Spain, the guided missile destroyer was sent to the Black Sea just two weeks ago in a show of support for the potentially volatile situation in Ukraine.

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