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Russian Soldiers Vacationing In The Ukraine

Russian Soldiers Vacationing In The Ukraine
Russian Soldiers Vacationing In The Ukraine
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Russian volunteers have decided to cross over the southeastern border of the Ukraine. They have also brought tanks and artillery with them while they work on their tans. This is what the ambassador of the U.N. would like us to believe. No one has ordered these soldiers to fight they just want to have fun in the sun, blow up Eastern Ukraine, and while they are there they could help the separatist rebels win their fight with the Ukrainian government.

For the past four to five months there has been satellite photos of Russian troop movement crossing the Ukrainian border. All along Russian President Vladimir Putin stating that the west was wrong. That what we are seeing is not what is on the photos. In other words the world now has confirmation that Russia as well as it's leaders are nothing more than liars.

From the very beginning of this crisis it has been the Russian Federation who has instigated the whole situation. The world now has its confirmation but what is sad is that all the west wants to do is place more sanctions on Russia. They feel that the best way to attack Russia is where it hurts, in the wallet. It looks like they might be right as the Russian stocks took a severe dive yesterday. It has provoked Putin to put sanctions on Western products not being sold in Russia for the next year. Funny thing is that it doesn't really bother anyone except the Russian people.

So far fighting has taken place and has allowed the rebels to hold control of the southeastern section of the Ukraine but only by a thread. As for Luhansk and Donetsk, Ukrainian troops have been pounding these cities for weeks and have the rebel positions feeling the onslaught.

The world is at this time simply waiting to see just how far Russia will go with this intrusion into Ukrainian territory. The Russians have some twenty thousand troops on the border. Is this going to become a full blown invasion? Only time will tell.