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Russian Propaganda Stirs Unrest

Russian Propaganda Stirs Unrest
Russian Propaganda Stirs Unrest

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was on his Face book page yesterday writing his little heart out about the atrocities that were going on across the border in Eastern Ukraine. The problem is that it was all lies. President Vladimir Putin has been able to read his history books and has come up with a game plan that was utilized by the Nazi Party back in the 1930's. It's called lying. Bold face outright lies, but the funny thing is people are actually believing it.

This approach is not for the Ukrainians per se, but for the Russian people. This is how you sell a crisis to your own people in the year 2014. The other way you stir things up is by sending Russian people into Eastern Ukraine to bring that fever of Russian Nationalism to the beleaguered masses of the area. This is a propaganda campaign that the world hasn't seen since the early days of WWII.

Back in the 1930's it was Minister Joseph Goebbels who rallied those who would listen to a fever pitch about the atrocities that were being carried out on the innocent German people around the region. For instance, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and others were the scenes of such brutality that the German Army had to go in and take control. Sound familiar? It is this same approach that Putin is carrying out some 80 plus years later in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

The lies that are being told to the masses are not all being believed. There was a march the other day in Moscow were people actually wanted their government to tell the truth. So not everyone in the Russian Federation are gullible idiots who will believe anything and everything they here over the airways.

The Russian News Media is also claiming that it is Western Ukraine, European Union and the United States who are at fault for all this unrest in the Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, not the Russians. The Russian's are the ones who are trying to keep the peace. I have to admit that the internet and cable are probably the best ways of getting correct information right now in Russia.

The United Nations have seen all the postings by Russian Media and are trying to combat it with their own campaign. So what we have here is a war of words and who will be believed by the populace of the area. Mr. Putin you do realize that the Nazis lost that war.