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Russian military invades, taking control of Crimea

Russian Naval ship enters the Ukrainian port city in Crimea as hundreds of Russian troops head toward the capital city.
Russian Naval ship enters the Ukrainian port city in Crimea as hundreds of Russian troops head toward the capital city.

Sunday, March 2, Reuters reported that the Ukraine has “mobilized for war” following the invasion of Russian military on the waters outside the port city of Sevastopol in Crimea Sunday morning. Ukrainian pro-Western leader, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, said according to ABC's Good Morning America news correspondent Ron Claiborne Sunday, “We are on the brink of disaster,” as he urged Russia's president,Vladimir Putin, to pull back the reported hundreds of Russian troops headed toward the Ukrainian capital city.

With tensions rising in the Ukraine, the international community has implored President Putin to retreat as unidentified pro-Russian armed militias patrolling the streets of Crimea's capital surrounded a Ukrainian Naval base, asking the base to surrender, and rampaged through city hall, physically assaulting those who opposed them.

An anonymous Western official told Reuters:

"Realistically, we have to assume the Crimea is in Russian hands. The challenge now is to deter Russia from taking over the Russian-speaking east of Ukraine."

Putin told U.S. president Barack Obama that Russia had the right to “defend its interests and people in Ukraine,” said one GMA correspondent reporting Sunday morning on the crisis. President Obama said Saturday that there would be costs if Russia invaded, among them a cease in U.S. planning for U.S. participation in the upcoming G8 Summit that had been scheduled to be held in Sochi in June of this year — where the 2014 Winter Olympics were just concluded.

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to This Week's George Stephanopoulos about the Crimean crises, condemning Russia's actions. The British prime minister said there was no excuse for Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Canada has withdrawn its ambassador from Moscow as a growing number of member nations of the international community slams Russia's actions.

The Ukrainian military has been at its highest alert level since early Sunday morning, announcing they are pulling up reservists to strengthen their defense against the invading Russian troops. The U.S. has announced it is taking part in an emergency NATO meeting to decide how to respond to Russia's invasion.

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