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Russian league fan search: Female fans forced to strip search before entering

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Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

In shocking news, The Russian Premiere League is now speaking out about female fans who were forced to go through a strip search before entering a World Cup game. Some went through with it and others left and had to miss the game when it all went down. On Wednesday, Wide World Sports shared about what happened with these searches in Kazan.

Spartak Moscow fans say that they were not allowed into the game if they were female until they did a strip search. This was the big game last Friday. Male police officers were the ones who were actually performing the search and it is now being called humiliating by females who went through it.

Reports are that these strips lasted up to 10 minutes and the women had to take off all of their clothes including underwear. This was the only way that they would get into the game was to listen and do this search. If not, they would end up leaving and going home which is what some females decided to do. Another female said she refused to let them search her so she had to wait an hour and a half to get into the game.

It is still unknown how many females went through with the search. More will probably speak out now that the news is out that it happened to some. This could end up a lot bigger issue.

At this time, Kazan police are still saying they didn't do anything wrong at all. They are reporting that any searches that happened were legal and done the right way. A viral post is saying the exact opposite though. This could end up in a really big investigation. The city of Kazan where it all went down is the World Cup 2018 host city.

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