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Russian laser show depicts Obama ‘fellating’ banana

Obama's Russian laser show
Obama's Russian laser show
YouTube screen grab

This past Monday, Barack Obama celebrated his 43rd birthday. If you failed to acknowledge this important day, don't blame LU. Mike Dorstewitz published a timely reminder on Monday, and I myself reported over the weekend that Obama last Friday lightheartedly chided the White House press pool for not asking him about his birthday plans.

Obama should take comfort in the fact that our Russian "allies" remembered his big day. Of course, the manner in which their birthday wishes wishes were offered is less than flattering. Namely, they projected a 6-story-high laser moving image on the face of the American embassy in Moscow that depicted the U.S. president wearing a too-small birthday hat and giving oral sex to a banana.

Gateway Pundit notes:

A group calling itself ‘The Moscow Student Initiative’claimed responsibility for the projection. They called the show “a gift to Barack Obama.”

This is not the first time the Russians expressed feelings toward the leader of the free world that were less than flattering. In 2011, a Russian news anchor delivered the day's headlines in a more-or-less professional fashion until she came to the words "Barack Obama." The video shown here captures her unique on-air salute to the American president.

When Obama assumed the mantle of power in 2009, it was with an eye toward changing America's image in the eyes of the world. On that count, he has arguably been a success.

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