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Russian jet: American plane almost hits Russian aircraft, just 100 feet distance

Russian jet almost hits an American plane during mission
Russian jet almost hits an American plane during mission
Wikimedia Creative Commons

A Russian jet almost hit an American plane recently in what air officials are calling a very close call. Although there was no radio contact or communication between the two aircrafts at any point, sources say that a distance of a mere 100 feet separated the nose of the American plane with that of the Russian jet. NBC News provides the details on this near-interception that could have easily had deadly results this Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

Defense authorities released an official statement this week revealing that a possible collision between a Russian jet and a U.S. Air Force plane was narrowly avoided during a reconnaissance mission over the Pacific Ocean. American Air Force RC-135U was in the process of flying in the open zone of international airspace, roughly 50 miles from the east coast of Russia when the near-crash occurred.

The incident itself was cited to have taken place on April 23. During the flight mission, a Russian SU-27 Flanker jet was said to have suddenly flown little more than 100 feet of the plane’s nose tip. While that distance might seem considerable down on earth, up in the air, the expanse is remarkably close. The pilot noted in the report that the Flanker immediately righted itself in the air to show its underbelly, a common sign to relay that the plane was armed and dangerous.

Mashable notes this afternoon that a potential confrontation might very well have ensued then and there, but neither the Russian jet nor the American plane had any communication contact. U.S. Air Force and Pentagon spokesman Col. Steven Warren announced that the nigh interception happened while the American aircraft was in the middle of a surveillance mission, thousands of feet above the Sea of Okhotsk. According to the press release provided by Warren:

“The SU-27 approached the RC-135U and crossed the nose of the U.S. aircraft within approximately 100 feet,” Warren said in a statement. “Senior department leaders have communicated our concerns directly to the Russian military.”

At this time, no word from Russia has been given (or been publicly disclosed, at least) about the almost crash or the presence of the jet in such close proximity to the American plane. It seems this aerial stand-off occurred less than a week after Japanese warplanes directly intercepted a pair of Russian military aircraft a short distance from Japan.

In other mysterious plane related news this week, a British woman has come forward, saying she may very well be a witness of flight MH370 and its impending crash, saying she saw a plane going down in flames and spoke this March 2014.

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