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Russian Humanitarian Aid Used To Open New Front In Ukraine

Russian Humanitarian Aid Used To Open New Front In Ukraine
Russian Humanitarian Aid Used To Open New Front In Ukraine
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Russian soldiers working alongside Ukrainian Rebels are on the move in Southeastern Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has all along stated that his soldiers have never fought on the Ukrainian soil. This it now seems is a complete lie. Russian troops who rode with the humanitarian convoy stayed in the Ukraine with the supplies and waited for the tanks and artillery to follow. When all came together the front was established and put the Ukrainian troops on huge retreat.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko addressed the European Union Foreign ministers in Brussels today. He addressed the committee about the invasion by the Russian Federation this past week into South Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian President Poroshenko also requested today to join NATO. This brought a stern response by Russian President Putin to the Ukrainian president. Simply stating that the Ukrainian government negotiate with the rebels or else. Putin has once again entered Ukrainian territory this time to solidify a land route in the Crimea which he stole back in March.

Putin is now starting to take some heat by the wives and mothers of Russian troops that have been involved in the Ukrainian crisis. Seems some time has gone by since they have heard from their loved ones. The families are being told not to bring the subject up and are also being told not to speak to reporters.

Putin has simply instigated a war and simply wants to take back what he has always thought as Russian territory The Ukrainian country was formed after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The European Union today has come out and said that it wants more sanctions brought against Russia and it's infrastructure. The United States will probably not be far behind with instituting more sanctions. Putin should sincerely back down when it comes to being the big bully on the block. This could become a full scale war and the last time I remember Russia could barely keep an army together let alone pay them on time. More to come, I'm sure thanks to Russian President Putin the man lies everyday and we all laugh about it.