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Russian denial implausible

Silly Russians. The first thing that one would expect Vladimir Putin and his government to do is to deny that they had anything to do with downing the Malaysian airliner and murdering hundreds of innocent people. Criminals who commit murder are often advised by legal counsel to plead innocent until proven guilty. Here is how the case is beginning to take shape against Russia.

Silly Russians
Annie Colbert - Alexsey Druginyn/AFP/Getty Images
  1. The brand name on the missile fired that took down the Malaysian 777 say made in Russia, model BUK.
  2. The signature of missile launcher crew is trained in Russia by Russians.
  3. The intercepted conversation between the missile launching crew (ethnic Russian separatists) and Russian intelligence officer confirms the direct link as they discussed the downing.
  4. Russian invaded Crimea.
  5. Russia has troops massed on the Ukraine border.
  6. Separatists have already shot down other Ukraine aircraft in recent weeks.

Therefore a denial was anticipated, but also makes the Russians appear silly. Political silliness does not lessen the fact that Russia is a very dangerous nation that may well have earned the classification of being a rogue terrorist nation and sponsor of terrorism. For that, they have earned the highest degree of sanctions possible.

The question is will Germany and other European Union nations who are members of NATO support severe actions against Russia?

A second question is how will other nations who have lost civilians due to this action respond? Will they support sanctions against Russia?

Since Russia will be seeking new markets, having hurt Asian nations by this action cannot help them. What further actions can the U.S. and NATO take to strengthen their defense against Russia, a nation that is formidable militarily and politically silly?

Can President Obama and his cabinet manage all that is happening on its agenda starting at the Texas border, extending through Central America, Central Asia, and the Middle East? Will Congress awaken and get on board to support “one nation” or will they just run out the clock until after November? Lots can happen, can’t it?

“Russia Denies Role in Downing of Airliner


GRABOVO, Ukraine — As rescue teams slowly converged on the grisly scene of Thursday’s downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet, the Russian defense ministry sharply denied any involvement in the missile strike that Ukrainian officials said ripped the Boeing 777 from the sky and many began openly questioning why the airline had chosen to fly a civilian aircraft over a combat zone.

The crash site was still unsecured by midday Friday, raising questions about who controlled the flight data recorder, cockpit voice recorder and other onboard devices that will help determine exactly how the crash occurred. Rebel spokesmen said they had recovered most of the devices, but it was unclear when and to whom they would turn them over for investigation.

Russian officials were adamant that they had nothing to do with the disaster, continuing to point fingers at the Ukrainian government and military. “In view of various types of speculation concerning operations of the Russian armed forces in the areas bordering Ukraine, we affirm that the anti-aircraft means of the Russian armed forces did not operate in that region on July 17,” the defense ministry said in a statement posted on its website.”

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