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Russian dairy plant closed, why? Because workers were bathing in the milk
Splish splash I was takin a bath...

A Russian dairy plant was closed for three months after a picture surfaced of plant workers engaging in some sickening and unsanitary behavior. But these plant workers aren’t crying over the spilled milk, nyet, they were bathing in it. Holy cow!

According to the LA Times on March 28, Trade House Cheeses, “a dairy producer in Omsk, about 1,600 miles east of Moscow, was closed for 90 days by regional authorities for an urgent inspection after complaints resulting from photographs and a video posted by one of its employees on a Russian social network.”

The pics and video show a group of Russian male workers stripping down and splish-splashing in the vat of milk like a bunch of babies in an infant tub. The incident happened on New Year’s Day.

“What do you get when you add a group of drunken guys, a cheese factory, and a commercial size vat of milk? Grounds for a lawsuit or stinky cheese, depending on how long you churn it,” writes Yahoo! News.

“In a checkup we found the container where the workers were bathing and the bowls in which they were making cheese and a mass of other violations of sanitary-epidemic norms,” said Marina Boyko, deputy chief of the Omsk region's sanitary inspection agency.

After the pictures of the Russians started to make their rounds, residents stopped buying dairy items produced by the plant. The milk that the workers were frolicking in was used to make string cheese.

The YouTube video also shows the men, wearing only shorts, turning cheese curd in buckets and slopping milk all over the floor.

“If you plan to buy string cheese the next time you go to the supermarket, you may want to check that it wasn't made in Omsk,” warned one Russian newspaper.

“The production and service facilities are in an unsatisfactory sanitary-technical condition,” the inspection agency said in a statement. “Conditions for personal hygiene are lacking.”

You think?

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