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Russian Convoy Heading Back To Russia

The humanitarian aid convoy that the Russian Federation had put together for Eastern Ukraine crossed over the border on Friday. It was going to the Luhansk area to deliver the needed supplies. The world condemned the crossing on Friday as a deliberate invasion of the country of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he was forced to send the convoy across the border as the crisis was to much to bear. The separatists rebels had stated that food supplies were almost gone and human suffering would have become a crisis if the supplies were not delivered. The Ukrainian government had not given its permission for the convoy to enter the country. The International Red Cross was supposed to inspect the supplies but never were given sufficient confirmation of a cease fire so that they would not be fired upon.

The Ukrainian government has been on the offensive against the rebels for the past month and is trying to put an end to this crisis by defeating them. Since no agency actually was able to inspect the convoy it is believed that it carried arms as well as food and supplies. It has been said that the convoy has taken back part of a factory that made made military sensors and also parts of an ammunition factory.

On Saturday Angela Merkel of Germany was in Kiev having talks with Ukraine's President Poroshenko. She tried to talk to him about the two sides sitting down and possibly coming to terms over the crisis and also wanted Poroshenko to know that aid would be forthcoming.

This Sunday Ukraine will celebrate its Independence Day with parades and a showing of its military hardware. The country is being torn apart by the actions if it's neighbor Russia and primarily by Vladimir Putin. The Russian President has been at the center of this crisis from the beginning. It is the West's belief that he is trying to bring back former territories that were part of the Soviet Union. He has already stolen back Crimea with lies and falsehoods that initiated it all. How far and how long this will continue is truthfully up to him. The west has only leveled sanctions against him and Russia but has not brought military means to bear against him. Even though he has at times fired artillery and tickets from Russia across the border into Ukraine.

As of now the convoy has delivered what it brought and is now in the process if returning back to Russia with promises of bringing more supplies to the rebels. So it looks as though this will continue into the fall and winter months.

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