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Russian Bear Mom: NY Frugal Family Examiner makes news outside of NYC!

Deseret News of Salt Lake City, UT published a feature article entitled, "Foreign ideas: What immigrants think about Americans and money."

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Among those quoted, was a contributor the paper dubbed, "Russian Bear Mom":

Like Lu, Alina Adams immigrated to the United States with her parents when she was 7. Adams, who is now in her early 40s, was born in the Soviet Union in Odessa (now part of Ukraine).

One of the things she likes about living in New York City is how she is able to stock up on low-priced and sale items for her husband, her three children and herself. "In the Soviet Union, you couldn't stock up," she said. "You couldn't plan ahead because you didn't know what was going to be available. People got in lines without knowing what the line was for — and they took whatever they gave you."

As a columnist on frugality for the New York Frugal Family Examiner, Adams loves the freedom to plan but worries about how some Americans exercise the freedom to get into debt.

"Americans seem to believe that if their children do not get everything they want when they want it, they will be sad," she said. "And that being sad is a bad thing. And that it is a parent's job to keep their children from ever feeling sad. And that the best way to do that is to buy them things."

She says people buy things even if they do not have the money.

"I have three children," Adams said. "I would never think to buy them something they want with money I don't have."

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