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Russian and Ukrainian citizens aboard missing Malaysian plane

The Malaysian airplane is still missing.
The Malaysian airplane is still missing.

There was both a Russian citizen and two Ukrainian citizens aboard the missing Malaysian jetliner that is currently missing. The plane disappeared on March 7, somewhere in Vietnamese airspace. According to a March 8 report by USA Today, there were 14 nationalities aboard the missing airplane.

In addition to the Russian and Ukrainian citizens, there were also three Americans aboard. The three Americans are Philip Wood, Nicole Meng and Yan Zhang. Meng is only four years old and Zhang is two years old.

There are 152 people and one infant from China. Thirty-eight people are from Malaysia and seven from Indonesia. Australia, France, New Zealand and Canada also had citizens aboard. Italy, Taiwan, Netherlands, Austria and India were also represented on the Malaysian flight. Of all the nationalities represented, China had the most people aboard.

An Italian news agency said that the Italian who had been reported on the Malaysian flight was not aboard the airplane. His passport had been stolen in Thailand last year. The Italian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that the man was not aboard the missing flight.

There is a second stolen passport. The second stolen passport belonged to an Austrian citizen. The Austrian passport had also been stolen in Thailand, but it was stolen two years ago.

Although the Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein doesn't believe the missing Malaysian flight has anything to do with terrorism, he is still looking into all possibilities. Seeing two passports that were used had been stolen, terrorism could be the reason that the airplane is missing.

At the time of publication, the names of the Ukrainian and Russian citizens had not been released. The reasons they were aboard the missing Malaysian airplane were also unknown.

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