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Russian Aid Stopped At Ukrainian Border

Russian Aid Stopped At Ukrainian Border
Russian Aid Stopped At Ukrainian Border
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The Russian aid that has been traveling toward the Ukrainian border had once again been denied access into Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has denied access as it believes that the 260 trucks are headed to resupplying the separatists rebels The rebels have been steadily losing ground for about the last month. The cities of Donetsk and Luhansk have been taking a lot of artillery and rocket shelling and are without power

The convoy has been dogged by the fact that Russia keeps insisting that they have been in contact with the International Red Cross but the Red Cross has said that Russia has not made the contact and inspections of all vehicles as the Ukrainian government had requested. Another factor about the convoy us that their are many young men with short haircuts and military tattoos and when asked say they are just volunteers but who have just gotten out of the military.

Putin while talking in the Crimea on Thursday tried to come off as a humanitarian who us simply trying to help the citizens if Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately since most of what Putin has said in the last year at least has been nothing but lies.

President Poroshenko of Ukraine has from the start felt that the convoy is nothing more than an attempt at resupplying the rebels and had insisted before the trucks enter the Eastern Ukraine that they be searched by the Red Cross and that they come through a region controlled by the Ukrainian government and not through rebel held territory liked it tried to on Thursday. If this aid conflict continues it could open up a direct conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. So far all conflict has been contained between the rebels and the Ukrainian government. The Russians have denied all along that they are not supplying the rebels but most if the world knows that this is simply a lie. Russia has been at fault all the time through this conflict as being the instigator if the crisis.

The convoy for the time being is at the border, and unless Russia actually let's the Red Cross intervene then that is as far as it will go. The Ukrainian government is on the move and has the rebels on the run. Another of the Rebel commanders Igor Strelkov has left the conflict.

Another sign that sanctions have finally started to be felt is that the oil company Rosneft has asked the Russian government for a 42 billion dollar loan. Only time will tell as to what will happen with the convoy but if you look at it at face value then the world knows that Russia is up to its old tricks and that the convoy may just stay close to the border but will never cross.