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Russian activist declare eastern Ukraine independent

Russian troops
Russian troops
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Pro-Russian advocates have declared eastern Ukraine independent after a number of government buildings were seized by pro-Russian separatist in three eastern Ukraine cities.

According to USA Today on April 7, Ukrainian officials believe that the seizure of government buildings and pro-Russian allies are being orchestrated by Moscow in an attempt to take over eastern Ukraine the same way they occupied the Crimea Peninsula.

In a meeting with his Cabinet, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsenly Yatsenyuk said:

"Russia's scenario is division and destruction of Ukraine. They plan for foreign troops to cross the border and attack the country. We won't let it happen."

On April 6, armed gunmen seized the headquarters of the security services in Luhansk, which is just 15 miles from the border with Russia. Pro-Russian activist have held protest against the new Ukrainian government in Kiev in Luhansk and several other eastern Ukraine in recent weeks.

Activist have also erected barriers on Luhansk's thoroughfare, and the local police has blocked all entrances into the city.

Stay tuned.

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