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Russia Wants Compromise In Ukrainian Conflict

Russia Wants Compromise In Ukrainian Conflict
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again speaking in favor of Ukrainian President Poroshenko's cease fire proposal. Putin believes in the two sides sitting down face to face and coming to a compromise over the recent fighting. He thinks that Kiev should acknowledge the Separatists wishes in wanting more say in what goes on in the eastern block of the Ukraine He states that he is only looking out for all Russian speaking Ukrainians.

Now here are some problems with all this goodwill. First, Putin has come out and stated that he has little control over the Ukrainian Separatists, though some have been recently seen in Moscow. Second, Russia has upped it's forces along the Ukrainian border. Putin has called for emergency maneuvers for all central Russian armed forces, this putting them on alert. So for some its hard to take his words at face value.

Putin has all along not wanted the Ukraine to have close ties to the European Union. Poroshenko announced last week the June 26 signing of an agreement with Europe thus bringing the two closer together and away from Russian influence.

Putin has stated, maybe not in so many words, that he would rather have the Ukrainian Separatists stay in the Ukraine rather than coming back to Mother Russia, like the Crimea did earlier in the spring. All this goodwill is fine if you can get the Ukraine and the Separatists to sit down and talk.

In recent weeks the two sides have been racking up some high death tolls when they clash. Another thing is that some of the Eastern block of the Ukraine had already announced its independence from the Ukraine. Poroshenko seems to be pretty up front with his plans for the cease fire to actually work. It's getting the Separatists to agree to the terms.

Putin acting conciliatory on one hand and bringing the threat of troops in on the other hand makes everyone just a little nervous as to his intentions and motives. Unfortunately just when you think this might go away and life can get back to normal in the region it still seems that nothing is getting accomplished. Only time will tell.