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Russia Threatens Retaliation

Russia Threatens Retaliation
Russia Threatens Retaliation
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The Russian Federation has once again stated that if any Russian citizen or if any Russian interest is attacked that it will retaliate in kind. In other words Russia is saying they are going to treat this like the Crimea and they are going to move in no matter what.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that if any pro Russian interest is harmed or attacked, that Russia will enter the Ukraine and take over when they feel like. Russia is simply making this up as they go along.

Russia is behind all the unrest in the Eastern Ukraine. Why? They want the industrial complex of a neighboring country and they are going to get it by lying their way to the bank. Russia has fabricated most of all that has gone on for the last few months. They wanted the Crimea for its oil and Black Sea Ports. They came up with the same story as they are doing now and they marched in after a laughable vote and took it.

Currently some 600 paratroopers are in Poland during a war game practice with Polish forces. More men and supplies are coming to other neighboring countries.

It seems like the time for sanctions are coming to an end. It is now time to take the bull by the horns and if attacked by the Russians that Ukraine will be getting help from NATO and the United States. It seems the Russia has upped the anti with the discovery of the tortured body of Ukrainian Government official Volodymyr Rybak.

With the city of Slovyansk being controlled by pro-Russian activists it is safe to assume that Rybak was tortured with Moscow's knowledge. It is time for Russia to realize that the European Union and the United States are no longer going to tolerate this kind of action.

Moscow's warnings are being heard but this time for different reasons. You see Moscow did this same type of action right before it crossed over to the Crimea. This is very possibly the same way they will enter the Eastern Ukraine. This time though they will not be going up against the Ukrainian forces but against true military special ops personnel. This time someone is going to get a bloodied nose and I believe it is Mr. Putin. Your time of being a bully is coming to an end sir.