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2014 Winter Olympics

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Russia strikes back at criticisms with epic distraction

Russian Olympic hockey player, Svetlana Kolmykova
Russian Olympic hockey player, Svetlana Kolmykova

Journalists have been doing nothing by complain ever since coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics started. There's no running water, or there's yellow running water. There's too strict of bans on homosexual imagery, or there's too much homoerotic imagery of Putin. They just can't seem to be satisfied.

Then Russia says, look how beautiful our women are.

Russian women's team refutes the stereotype that women in sport - it is a mountain of muscle and manly figure.

Surely this will placate the masses. Who doesn't like beautiful women with their talent pushed aside and their flesh out on display? You know, besides the feminists. Maybe even some of the westerners will put their leftover cold war prejudice aside and start rooting for the ex-Soviets in a couple events. There is a lot of beauty on the Russian curling team. But is it enough to make Americans care about curling?

In all fairness the website that released these pictures, AdMe, is perhaps the Russian equivalent of TMZ or Buzzfeed. It's not as if this is an official statement from the Russian Olympic committee or the Russian Government. And President Putin is too busy shirtlessly riding a variety of mammals to be overly concerned with Olympic curlers.