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Russia: Soviet Union redux

Russian President Vladimir Putin said a few months ago he wanted to bring back the glories of the Soviet Union. With all that has transpired in Ukraine and Vladimir's posture, it looks like they are well on their way.

And now, the new decree banning food imports from all those nations who imposed sanctions on Russia, should go a long way to putting new life into the movement to recreate the Soviet Union.

Remember when living in the Soviet Union involved empty shelves in the supermarkets and long lines for everything?

Rememeber when people would stand in line even though they had no idea what they were standing in line for?

I have a feeling we might see this again.

And will the Russian people be able to complain about it? No sir. Especially not with a new draconian Internet law taking effect recently. What Internet law you ask? Russia has a new law that says bloggers are required to submit personal details to a special registry and they are no longer able to write anonymously.

Yes indeed, it's going to be like old times in the Russian Federation comrade!

But hey, why stop with a ban on food imports and Internet censorship?

Let's bring back the good old days of whisking people off to the gulags. After all, there is a lot of mineral wealth up there in Siberia and nothing like a bit of slave labor to make it profitable.

Let's bring back show trials with pre-ordained verdicts.

Let's bring back territorial grabs and subversion.

let's bring back the fine art of propaganda.

Let's bring back provocative military maneuvers.


Already there.

Well done Vladimir!!

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