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Russia's Weather Making Technology Threat

It has long been suspected that the worlds two super powers the U.S. and Russia have the ability to control the weather, but to what degree? Can this weather technology be harnessed by either side as a weapon of war?

The first attempt at weather manipulation started as an experiment in the 1940's known as cloud seeding. It was originally used to increase precipitation in drought areas, to reduce the size of hailstones in thunderstorms, and to reduce the amount of fog in airports. Cloud seeding is commonly used today in ski resorts to increase snow fall. Many nations around the world now have access to this technology and are able to put it to practical use.

The technology is relatively inexpensive and easy enough that even small nations can reap the benefits. All that is needed is a small plane that is fitted with fusees containing silver Iodine. The plane goes up in the air before a cumulus cloud front, dispensing the particles into the air. As the cloud approaches, the particles cause more water droplets to fuse with the cloud causing heavier rain or heavier snow, depending on the temperature. Cloud seeding soon evolved into other uses and the military was able to understand how it could be used as a defensive tool.

From 1967 to 1972, the US military conducted a cloud seeding operation, called Operation Popeye, to extend the monsoon season over Vietnam. This resulted in the monsoon season being extended another 30 to 45 days. This massive flooding event was designed to slow down the enemy.

The US had also experimented with hurricane weather making technology in the 1960's with Project Stormfury. The storm clouds were seeded as the hurricane approached. But due to the fear that this cloud seeding could cause harm to people in the path of the hurricane, the project was stopped. It is unknown how successful the cloud seeding procedure was on the approaching hurricane.

Russia has secretly been testing cloud seeding techniques on hurricanes as well. In 2011, because of his anger that Russia was being kept out of the World Trade Organization, a top Duma political leader, Zhirinovsky, let the Russian top secret technology slip out. He warned that Russia could deploy a new technology that could destroy any part of the planet and kill over a hundred million people using a secret weather weapon, if the United States the UN or Georgia, tried to stop Russia's entry into the WTO.

Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, made reference to the recent Tsunami that hit Japan, suggesting that this new weapon with which he refers, is related to weather control technology. He went on to mention that there would be another Tsunami on the other side of the planet. He also warned of a coming 3rd world war emerging from the current turmoil in the Middle East, that would lead to the collapse of global institutions such as the EU, which would give way to the rise of a new international order led by Russia.

But to some people, Russia may be the blame for other horrific disasters like hurricane Katrina. This view point was brought to light recently when Russia offered assistance to Malaysia as they had experienced a problem with smoke hanging over the country, due to fires. Russia suggested to help by creating a small cyclone, that could cause enough rainfall to put out the fires and also clean the air. This raised a few eyebrows by those who were paying attention. Many had wondered at that point what else Russia may be capable of doing.

Russia has been suspected of creating earthquakes by using subs launched from missiles into the coast, and now there is proof that Russia can create devastating hurricanes through cloud seeding technology. There is even some evidence that they have improved this technology by using lasers shot into the clouds which could create even more devastating effects. Will this technology be used as a new weapon for war? Could the Russian's use this technology as a payback to the US for sanctions brought against them, and have they used it against nations in the past without anyone knowing?

The Bible says that in the end days, knowledge will be increased. It is apparent that this knowledge will be used for the purpose of evil and will no doubt be used in the future as weapons of war. The technology is all here, ready to go, and can be used at any moment to start the hour of tribulation that will soon come upon the earth. Along with weapons that cause natural disasters, there are also weapons of mass destruction, designed to wipe out millions of people. Jesus promised to save his people from the hour of trial that is soon to come. Ask him into your heart and to forgive you of your sins, so that you too may be saved. You don't want to be left behind to see the horrific things that are about to come to pass. He is coming soon, so get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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