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Russia's Trans-Siberian Railway!

Trans-Siberian Railway Russia
Photo By: Brooke Thompson

The Trans-Siberian Railway: One of the most extraordinary journeys on the face of the globe, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest continuous rail line on earth. An incredible journey of almost six thousand miles (over one third of the globe). Travel along the Trans-Siberian Railway is commonly undertaken from west to east, although it is possible to go the opposite direction. The most popular route taken is the Trans-Siberian line, which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. However, there are plenty other lines running through Russia's vast and beautiful country. The Trans-Siberian trains stop several times a day, sometimes for just a short moment and others for up to half an hour. The Trans-Siberian railway is not only in Russia, it can be used to travel overland in either direction between London, Paris, anywhere in Europe, and in China.

Many travelers use the railway not only for transport but for the exquisite and unbelievable sights. It's the perfect way to truly experience a country. The Trans-Siberian railway continues to be a historical part of Russia, it played an important role in World War II, and later gave a positive boost to Siberian agriculture.

The Trans-Siberian railway travels across 10 time zones, 2 continents, through mountain ranges, and massive wilderness. It is an experience of a lifetime, with trips to suit all budgets and dreams! It is known to be as much of an experience on board as it is off board, in fact most on-board professionals have worked on the railways for years because of the joy that it has brought to their lives.

Commonly mistaken, the Trans-Siberian is not just one train but in fact multiple trains that run along the same route. By combining these multiple trains it allows for the perfect trip and the ability to stop and see wonders along the way.

The experience of a life time! Celebrate the world the Trans-Siberian way!

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