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Russia probes workers bathing in vats of milk used for cheese at factory: Photos

Russian authorities are investigating a cheese factory after pictures of bare chested men bathing in the vats of milk used to make the cheese were posted online. The pictures were evidence that something disgusting is going on at this cheese factory and a video also shows bare chested men romping in the milk used to make the cheese, according to AFP News on April 4 from Yahoo. That video has over 300,000 hits, so enough folks in Russia saw this to make a stink!

Russian workers take a bath in milk that is used to make cheese in factory.

The factory, which produces cheese for 14 cities in Russia, specializes in string cheese. Needless to say when people saw this online they felt sick to think that the milk used in the products that they’ve been eating served as bath water for workers first.

A worker at the Omsk Cheese Factory posted a photo showing all these men romping around in the milk online with the caption, “Actually our work is pretty boring.” One of the pictures shows several workers wearing only shorts and raising victory signs. Another photo shows six workers posing inside the vat, standing in the milk that was soon used to make cheese.

Investigators did establish that these men were in fact standing in the raw milk that is used to make the cheese. The factory was closed down for 40 days and the cheese was banned last month after these disgusting photos came to light. If the investigation does find that the factory is guilty of producing food that was unsafe for human consumption and charges are rendered, the managers of this plant can face up to two years in prison for these actions.

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