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Russia Only Wants To Help

Russia Only Wants To Help
Russia Only Wants To Help

The Russian Federation is only trying to help it's troubled neighbor the Ukraine. When all this began to start taking shape last year it was Russia who was only wanting the Ukraine to deal with them rather than the European Union. At the time it looked like the Ukraine was going to lean toward the European Union, but Russian President Vladimir Putin made the Ex-Ukrainian President Yanukovych see it his way and the Ukraine was going to do business with Russia.

Yanukovych was run out of Kiev and an interim government stepped in. The Crimea was in turmoil. It seemed that the whole area wanted to join Russia and relinquish it's ties to the Ukraine. So they had a vote and joined Mother Russia.

The Eastern Ukraine was next to go nuts, and insurgents began to take over government buildings. Now this all took place while Russia, the United States, the European Union, and Ukraine were gathering in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss a strategy to curtail all this unrest in Eastern Ukraine. They came up with an agreement and all seemed right with the world, for about an hour.

Now, a week later, the Ukraine was unable to move the insurgents out of the buildings. They tried to tell them that they could just walk out and go home, no questions asked. They tried to storm the buildings. Both times with ending in sight. Russia is stating that the Ukraine violated the agreement and that they have a couple of days to get it all under control.

Now, that's the fairy tale version of our story. Here is the truth, Russia has instigated this whole thing from the beginning. They have placed 40,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border. They fabricated the Crimea incident and they are doing the same with Eastern Ukraine. The reason is that Russia wants the resources of the area, plain and simple. Russia needs and Russia is going to take with or without a fight.

So far Russia has been sanctioned for their actions, big deal. Putin sits in his office talking with Obama explaining that Russia is only doing this to stabilize the region because he is worried about all the problems that Ukrainian Russians are having to deal with. He is only doing this for their sake.

Putin either thinks he has one good hand and can get away with all this or he is insane. Russia is only helping herself and the world knows it. The problem is no one wants to fight Russia. Now the United States is sending some troops into neighboring countries under the guise that they are there for war games. That's cool because that is what Russia has said all along with it's troops.

So here is what probably will happen soon. Everybody will be playing war games and many people will die. All because Russia wanted to be a good neighbor and help.