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Russia Offers A Carrot And Stick To The Ukraine

Russia Offers A Carrot And Stick To The Ukraine
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out on the cease fire proposal of Ukrainian President Poroshenko and is in favor of it. At the same time he has ordered more troops to the Ukrainian border, while also ordering some 65,000 central Russian troops to begin immediate maneuvers. Once again we receive mixed signals from the Russian President. Where on the one hand he would like the cease fire to take place and all parties to sit down and talk face to face.

In recent weeks the Eastern Ukrainian separatists and regular Army troops of the Western Ukraine have been involved in some bloody encounters. One of which was the downing of a Ukrainian transport plane killing all aboard.

Last week Ukrainian President Poroshenko had acknowledged that he would be signing an agreement with the European Union. This infuriated Russian President Putin who then ordered the extra troops to the Ukrainian border. This is around the same time that Poroshenko announced the cease fire proposal.

NATO is monitoring the troop movement and is thinking that Putin could easily attack the southeastern part of the Ukraine without much interference from Kiev. Putin has always stated that he has little pull with the separatists but it seems last week that several high ranking separatists were spotted in downtown Moscow. I suppose they could have been on vacation but highly unlikely.

All along through this conflict Putin has tried to convince the Ukrainian government to not sign any agreements with Europe and stay within the sphere of Russian influence.

No matter what takes place, if the Eastern and Western sections of the Ukraine don't sit down and talk face to face then nothing that Russia does or the United States attempts to do will matter and the conflict will continue.

Russia has all along been trying to gain more influence into Ukrainian territory. One simply wonders when Putin will finally give the order to march into Ukraine and save it from itself. Russia was able to save the Crimea this way with little bloodshed and a simple election. Russia is feeling the need to expand its borders and take over the resources of the area for its own personal need. Putin has played the Ukraine like a puppeteer and loves to make them dance at his every whim.

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