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Russia: Ninth grade girl accused of violating anti-gay 'propaganda law'

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President Vladimir Putin signed Russia’s controversial anti-gay propaganda bill into law in 2013. Putin claims the purpose of the law was to protect minors from the promotion of nontraditional relations, but what happens when a minor violates the law? According to the Moscow Times on Feb. 3, a ninth grader has become the first minor accused of violating the law.

Although the girl’s location was not revealed in order to protect her identity, it is reported that she is in the Bryansk region. According to, the girl “openly declared herself to be a person of nontraditional sexual orientation.”

Under the law, the local minors’ commission said that when the girl made the declaration back in November, just months after the law was passed, she “disseminated information aimed at forming a distorted picture among juveniles of the social equality of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations.”

Criminal charges were dropped against the girl since she did not sexually assault anyone, but the commission is supervising her.

At the age of 14 or 15, a middle school student is in the midst of their adolescence. This involves growth and development as well as an exploration of who the adolescent is. But under this law, the girl is being supervised against expressing who she is.

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