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Russia must enslave Ukraine to protect 20% of population still Russian

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Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has occupied Crimea lawfully just as he occupied Georgia to protect Russians living in those countries. Not that the people he identifies as “Russian” are different from Ukrainians as they are all the same. It is just that 20% of them want the return of Soviet communist rule, like the 20% of liberals in America who promote socialism and would welcome a communist dictatorship.

Those who prospered under the Leftist socialist government of the fallen Soviets at the expense of the other 80% want their position restored. Putin is acting to rebuild the Soviet Union and put the iron boot of socialism back on the necks of all the people. If possible, he would re-establish Soviet domination of Eastern Europe once more.

At CPAC 2014, Gov. Sarah Palin quipped, “Who could have seen this coming,” referring to the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections when she and Gov. Mitt Romney both warned that Putin would move against Ukraine if a weak man like Obama were elected president. Barack Obama scoffed at them as still living with 1980s Cold War mentality and said, “The 1980s called and they’d like their Cold War policies back.

Obama loses the peace

Gov. Palin at CPAC satirizes Obama’s short-sighted policies