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Russia men vodka: High risk of dying before 55, study reveals spiked death rates

Men from Russia and vodka may not mix well in terms of overall health and life expectancy, as a new study this week reveals that males who down heavy amounts of vodka have a massively high risk of dying early, including before the age of 55. Researchers tracking thousands of men came to the conclusion that too much of the potent drink led to spiked death rates, exacerbated by the overall accessibility of vodka in Russia especially. AJC News reports this Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, that this alcohol consumption may have contributed to a dangerous health trend — low mortality rates in general for males in the foreign country.

Bottles of vodka and other liquor in clear view
Flickr Images, En Ria Site

The Russia men vodka headline swamped search engines this afternoon after a breakthrough study published by health experts discovered that many Russian males’ love of the strong drink could be leading to their early downfall. Of the 151,000 men that were monitored in three major Russian cities from 1999 to 2010, 8,000 of those individuals later died to what is believed to be excessive drinking habits. Interviews conducted with these men seemed to point to the notion that heavy vodka consumption might have an “extraordinarily” spiked risk of early death.

In fact, says the new study, the risk of dying before the relatively young age of 55 for those who consumed at least three or more half-liter vodka bottles per week was a stunning 35 percent. Over a quarter of Russian men fall ill and die before even reaching the age of 55, compared with a significantly smaller 7 percent of U.K. males, and only 1 percent of men from the U.S. The average life expectancy of men from Russia is only 64 years old — such a statistic leaves it near the bottom of the lowest 50 countries list for this particular category.

Researchers of the poll have acknowledged that it remains vague as to how many Russian men actually consume three or more bottles of vodka on any given week. However, a lead health expert in the study said that the average adult from Russia drinks over 20 liters of vodka each and every year, while an adult from the U.K. only has a bit less than 3 liters.

"Russians clearly drink a lot, but it's this pattern of getting really smashed on vodka and then continuing to drink that is dangerous," noted the head researcher. "The rate of men dying prematurely in Russia is totally out of line with the rest of Europe ... There's also a heavy drinking culture in Finland and Poland but they still have nothing like Russia's risk of death."

Concludes the “Russia men vodka” press release:

“Alcohol has long been a top killer in Russia and vodka is often the drink of choice, available cheaply and often homemade in small villages. Previous studies have estimated that more than 40 percent of working-age men in Russia die because they drink too much, including using alcohol that is not meant to be consumed like that in colognes and antiseptics.”

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