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Russia May be Preparing for a Second Invasion in the Ukraine

President Obama imposed a second round of sanctions on Russia for the annexation of Crimea. In response Putin in turn, puts sanctions on the US and calls for an increase in troops along the North Eastern border of the Ukraine. Another Russian invasion of the Ukraine appears to be imminent.

As the Russian troops continue to mass along the northern Ukrainian border in alarming numbers, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel decided to contact his Russian counterpart to try to get an idea of where things are heading with Russia. When asked if the US should be alarmed by this military movement of Russia, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu tells Chuck Hagel, not to worry, that they are just conducting a military exercise, with no plans of any type of military invasion.

The military exercises he is referring to involves three separate operations bordering the Ukraine with up to 20,000 troops, air and tank support. This exercise seems very serious and the problem is that these words have been said before by Putin, just before Russia took over Georgia and before their invasion of Crimea. So the world would have to wonder why this time would be any different.

The bold troop movement from Russia came shortly after a speech by President Obama where he says that the US has no plans of a military conflict with Russia. Obama went on to say that the US is closely watching the situation and is working with European partners to develop more serious actions that could be taken if Russia decides to escalate the situation.

Biden also said in one of his recent speeches, that the US will defend its NATO allies that are in the Baltic region. But Russia however, may have other plans which would make it impossible for the US not to become involved militarily. The biggest fear now is that Russia will try to take over Eastern Ukraine because of its gas, water supply and ease of transport.

Although Russia claims that this military movement happening on the border of the Ukraine is just an exercise or that it is left over military from previous exercises, the Ukrainians know better. Even though their troops are out numbered by Russian troops six to one, they are preparing, watching and waiting, ready to defend what is left of their country. In a call out for help, the Ukrainian leader recently met with Obama at the White House to try to get military assistance against Russia, but to no Avail. Obama responds with imposing sanctions instead.

Many free world countries however, are outraged by Russia's actions and if Russia decides to invade Eastern Ukraine, the world may be forced to step in as the sanctions imposed by the US are not working. The US may be called upon by NATO allies to defend the region and the whole world could soon be dragged into this war. Iran, Syria and all the terrorist nations, and those involved with terrorists nations will be on the side with Russia, while the rest of the world would be on the side of the US. And the worst part is that Iran and Syria have dangerous weapons, while the rest of Russia's allies have access to them, supplied by Russia. Stockpiles of many sorts of weapons, are ready and waiting to be distributed at any given moment by Russia.

There has never been such a threat as there is now. War could break out any day which would engulf the entire world, and at the moment it does, a world wide, economic collapse would be almost certain. This would change the world as we know it forever. Widespread famine, disease and death would be sure to follow. So give your life over to Jesus today and let him save you from the horrors that are about to come. Ask him into your heart and to forgive you of your sins. We are approaching the midnight hour, don't be left behind! Ask Jesus into your heart today!

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