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Russia Is Ready For War

Russia Is Ready For War
Russia Is Ready For War
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Once again Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased his forces of ground troops to 20,000. Which makes up to around 17 battalions and along with the increase of men there are now 14 surface-to-air missile units. There is now some 30 artillery batteries also along the border between Russia and the Ukraine. The increase in Russia's military along the border came with the continued defeats of the rebel separatists that have been fighting the Ukrainian government for the last four months. It is believed that if the rebels fall then Russia will cross the border to continue the fight just as they did in the Crimea.

Recently the United States working within the framework of NATO have been increasing their surveillance flights using RC-135 aircraft. The flights have been tracking movement on the Russian side of the border. The Kremlin just announced that maneuvers using the Russian air force and its air defense systems will be taking place along the Ukrainian border. This same sort of ploy by Putin was used to invade the Crimea. One really wishes Putin could be a little more creative.

Tensions are high in the region after an RC-135 was forced to high tail it to Sweden when Russian fighter jets caught up with it over the Black Sea which was supposed to be international territory.

The European Union and the United States just recently teamed up to deliver more sanctions against Russia with Mr. Putin not showing any real interest. What is going to happen is that if all parties can't sit down and finally come to an agreement over Eastern Ukraine then Russia will eventually walk across the border and take on the Ukrainian government themselves. This in turn will make the West finally put up or shut up. The last time this sort of confrontation occurred Mr. Putin won the Crimea. If no show of real force comes from the European Union and the United States then all of the Ukraine will fall. Russia is ready for war. Are we?