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Russia invades Ukraine

Obama has yet to call Russian actions an invasion.
Obama has yet to call Russian actions an invasion.
Mark Wilson/Getty

The Russian military has invaded the Crimea region of Ukraine. Several ships, as well as tanks and other military vehicles have moved into the area. According to a February 28 report by Fox News, the Ukrainian U.N. Ambassador said the main airport was “captured by Russian armed forces.”

At least 13 Russian aircraft have landed at the airport in Gbardeyskoye. Each aircraft had 150 people aboard. One Ukrainian official said that almost 2,000 “suspected” troops have landed in Ukraine.

Ukraine is now accusing Russia of a “military invasion and occupation.” This has made an already tense situation even worse.

In addition to the 13 Russian aircraft at the airport, eight Russian transport planes have also landed in Crimea. The cargo aboard those transport planes is “officially” unknown. It is also believed that 11 Russian military helicopters were aboard the transport planes.

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych warned of the dangers of “irresponsible Western policy.” That warning was issued from Russia during a press conference. It was the first time Yanukovych had been seen in six days.

Barack Obama is “deeply concerned” about the situation. He has warned Russia of the “costs of military intervention in Ukraine.” At the time of publication, Obama was standing with Ukraine and their right to “determine their own future.”

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