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Russia Continues To Incite Violence In Eastern Ukraine

Russia Continues To Incite Violence In Eastern Ukraine
Russia Continues To Incite Violence In Eastern Ukraine
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Russia is trying to provoke violence all through Eastern Ukraine. Whether the protesters are actually Ukrainians or Russian soldiers in disguise it doesn't matter. Russia is simply trying to provoke a fight. What's really funny if you look at it is that the Ukraine is trying to restore order in it's own country and Russia is warning against it. Has Russian President Vladimir Putin completely lost his mind.

NATO commanders have already begun to improve their strength in neighboring countries. They have told the Russian Federation that in no uncertain terms will they allow the Eastern Ukraine fall like Crimea did. The Russians continue to build on that 50,000 men they already had on the borders of the Ukraine. Russia wants war.

Fine then they can have it. Enough is enough with all this. Let NATO do their job and let the Russians know that they will be met with force and that war is inevitable. Putin thinks he can bluff the west on this one then he is nuts.

The European Union and the United States have implemented sanctions against the Russian people and it's economy but it has not fully taken effect yet. There is talk of more sanctions but if the Russians continue to try and provoke confrontations then sanctions won't be necessary. Yesterday, a Russian fighter jet buzzed a U.S. Destroyer in the Black Sea. Now this vessel has every right to be in those waters but it seems the Russians want to carry out some sort of game. The jet did not seem to be carrying any missiles but in these uncertain times anything can set off something.

The Ukrainian government doesn't want all this commotion and has even told those militants who are holding buildings hostage that if they just walk away then no charges would be filed. I mean really is this all worth the hassle.

About the only good thing to come out of this is the protest that took place in Moscow demanding that state TV tell the truth about the Ukraine and not make them out to be fascist like it has the over the last few weeks. People are not stupid Mr. Putin. They have televisions, computers, and cell phones. They can speak and listen and watch the outside world and know what really is happening in the Ukraine. Mr. Putin tread carefully, you do not want to go down this path to war. It won't go well for the Russian Federation.