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Russia Attacks Ukraine

Russia Attacks Ukraine
Russia Attacks Ukraine
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As Russian President Vladimir Putin was talking with Ukrainian President Poroshenko Russian troops and armament were crossing the border of the Ukraine. The attempt was to open a third front to the Ukrainian Civil War. Putin has been denying all along that Russia has ever actually crossed the border even though all along, the world has know that he was lying through his teeth. For the past five weeks the Ukrainian military had been making significant gains against the separatists rebels. The city of Luhansk was without utilities and finally fell to Ukrainian troops recently resupplied by the Russians. The city of Donetsk has been shelled continuously for weeks leaving the city of one million residents a ghost town. It was Tuesday when the two Presidents were getting ready to sit and talk of the crisis when Poroshenko produced photographs of captured Russian troops. Finally proving to the world that Vladimir Putin had been lying all along during its crisis.

It was the northeastern area of the Ukraine that saw the incursion of Russian troops. It was the area around Novoazovsk that saw artillery, tanks, and infantry attacking Ukrainian troops. Government troops were in retreat but still held the area. It has caused a panic in the Eastern Ukraine and has provoked the world more reasons to condemn Russia and specifically it's President Vladimir Putin.

This recent provocation by the Russian military is nothing more than an continuous attempt to destabilize the country of Ukraine. For almost a year Putin has been instigating events that has at least for Russia allowed them to once again control the Crimea. Putin has been wanting to recover the land that was lost when the Soviet Union fell some twenty years ago.

How the world and better yet the Ukraine handle this new twist to the Ukrainian Civil War is still up in the air. If Putin is looking to provoke a war that will finally bring NATO, possibly the United States or The European Union into the fighting he is looking at a situation that will eventually cause him to lose much. Putin has for several years been reacting like a man going through a mid life crisis. Many feel he has simply lost his mind if he thinks he can continually act like the bully that he has always been going back to his childhood. Either way he is doing nothing more than to put his country into a grave situation where Russia could lose more than the Soviet Union ever did. More to come as Putin pushes the world and the Ukraine.