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Russia adoption pros and cons


Russia is one of the most popular international programs among American families. In 2008, Americans adopted nearly 2,000 children from Russia. Although a very popular program in the United States, it comes with both pros and cons.


1.) The Russian adoption program has remained relatively stable and reliable.

2.) Boys and girls are available at as young as 9 months in age.

3.) The wait times for referral can be somewhere around 3-12 months for a younger child, which in comparison to some other programs, is somewhat short.

4.) Families have the opportunity to meet their child before traveling to take them home.


1.) Russia can be one of the most expensive international programs.

2.) Health restrictions for adoptive parents are very strict, especially when it comes to previous psychological treatments.

3.) Two or possibly 3 trips to Russia is required, and the trips range from 1-4 weeks in length.

4.) Like many international programs, the time lines for Russia can change very frequently, families should expect the process to take about 2 years from start to finish.


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