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Russia accused of tampering with evidence at MH17 crash site

MH17 crash site
MH17 crash site
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In the aftermath of the MH17 plane crash over the Russia-Ukraine border several questions are being asked by several countries and as of this morning there's a new issue in this already murky case. Ukraine is accusing Pro-Russian rebels of tampering with the crash scene and destroying evidence with the help of Russian authorities. Malaysian Transport Minister, Tiong-Lai also has expressed concern that the crash site is not properly sealed off and is open to possible tampering from not only Russia, but from anyone.

According to sources in Ukraine, the site is being poorly taken care of from almost every aspect, the crash took place two days ago and many bodies remain on site. Some bodies are even still belted into their seats and wearing inflight headphones. International forensic teams worry not only for the respect and dignity of the dead but with the fast onset of decomposition due to heat they fear the loss of potential evidence that could be recovered from the bodies of the crash victims.

Some bodies are starting to be collected and put into body-bags by local townspeople in the area, not by professionals who are adept to crime scene protocols or medical precautions, those collecting the bodies are doing so despite the area being controlled by heavily armed Pro-Russian rebels. Michael Bociurkiw, a spokesman for The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has reported that the damage to the corpses is “very, very bad and very difficult to look at.”

As non-Russian relief workers are struggling to gain entrance into the area due to the aggressiveness of the guarding rebels many expect the examination of the crime scene and the removal of the remaining bodies to take a much longer time than originally anticipated. World leaders are bearing down on Putin and the Russian government as they insist that this not an act of isolated terrorism or the actions of a single terrorist group, as downing a commercial airliner so swiftly and so effectively could not have been done without Putin's support.