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Russell Stover's new Smoky Mountain home

Russell Stover has a new home in the Smoky Mountains
Russell Stover has a new home in the Smoky Mountains
C. Hensley

For years people have been stopping at the Russell Stover Candies store off Exit 407 in Sevierville. The unassuming store was surrounded by gas stations and fast food restaurants, basically blending in to its surroundings. Now, that’s all changed. The place known for its chocolate creations is now on the other side of the road in a free standing building with rock columns, bright wood features and plenty of parking.

As soon as you enter the doors you know you are in for a treat, literally. Large glass cases that might have you thinking about diamonds are filled with dozens of chocolate derived treats, fresh baked cookies and fudge that looks good enough that it might be able to take on the more established fudge shops in the area. There counters are also lined with bowls filled with samples sure to have you wanting more, especially knowing you can buy a bag or a box of these scrumptious treasures and take them with you.

The main counter isn’t all about candy. You can get a scoop (or two or three) of the 32 flavors of Blue Bell ice cream offered as well as sundaes and milkshakes. Another stand out treat offered here is Frozen Custard, something difficult to find in this part of the country. If you aren’t familiar with it, think ice cream, only it’s richer and smoother.

The staple chocolates and assortments of them line the walls of the Russell Stover store along with other brands like Whitman’s that are now part of the company. You would be hard pressed not to find something to your liking. And when you step into the back room you will find even more surprises.

Like many food outlets, this one offers you discounted treats as the back is filled with over produced items, pieces that don’t quite fit the standards, and candy assortment that are out of season.

According to the Russell Stover website, the company was founded in 1923. The store in Sevierville is part of a new look for other outlet stores. However, it doesn’t look like something from the 21st Century. If you like chocolate (and who doesn’t), then consider taking a little time and stop by the next time you’re heading to the Smokies.


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