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Russell's Auctions & Tag Sales

Here is a 200 year old Gentlemen's Chest of drawers. The top is made of rosewood, and the fronts of the drawers are Burl Maple.
Here is a 200 year old Gentlemen's Chest of drawers. The top is made of rosewood, and the fronts of the drawers are Burl Maple.
Claire matthew

I always love to find 'new' places to find antiques and collectibles. I came across one the other day, in the western part of Moore County. It is Russell's Auctions & Tag Sales, located in West End. Now when I use the word 'new', I mean new to me. The owners of this establishment are certainly not new to the antique world! Joyce Russell and her husband G.I. (Russ) Russell have been involved in the antique business for decades. At one point, they had 3 antique stores in Florida, and 3 stores here in North Carolina!

Times have changed in the antique world however. People now only buy what they need, and don't spend a lot of money on 'impulse' buys. If they do, the purchase tends to be for only about $20 or less. Russ and Joyce used to have a booming auction business in their place in West End, but due to health reasons, they are now open only 3 days a week for what they call, 'Tag Sales'. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 1pm to 5pm, you can stop by their shop and see the latest treasures that they have to offer. None of their tagged prices are cast in stone, so always ask Joyce if she can 'do a little better' in her price. Her motto is that she would rather come down in her price, then have you leave her shop empty handed!

So many people have relied on the Russell's over the years to decorate their homes, that they have repeat business that extends into many generations of the same family. They are truly a lesson in customer service, and the impact that it can have on your bottom line. Many people in the area where they are located, are downsizing their homes, or moving to be closer to their children. The result is that these folks are asking the Russell's to help them liquidate the treasured inventory in their homes. Although their store is full to the brim, Joyce doesn't have the heart to turn these folks away, so the inventory in the store continues to outgrow the capacity of the four walls! She spends a good deal of her time moving, and shifting, and redecorating beautiful antiques and works of art.

I highly suggest that you stop in to see their store. It is a treat for the eyes, and Joyce just might make you a deal that you can't refuse! Russell's Auctions & Tag Sales is located at 4235 Seven Lakes Village Business Center, on Hwy 211. The phone number is (910) 673-0578, and their e-mail is Enjoy!